Customisation Services in Staines-Upon-Thames

Our Services

Here's a range of services we offer.

Window Tinting

Choose from a shade of colours to suit your taste. All our Window Tints come standard with 99% UV rejection and Solar heat rejection and a lifetime warranty as standard.

Window Tinting on Blue BMW
Camo Vinyl wrapping on Smartcar

Vehicle Wrapping

Vinyl Wrapping is a very popular mod amongst those who like a bit of individuality. Choose from 100’s of colours, shades and textures and stand out from the crowd. With 1000’s of accent combinations and software that brings your car and chosen wrap to life before you buy.

Headlight Tinting

Add that subtle dark tone to your headlights giving your car a meaner and sleeker look. We use only the best headlight tints which are an industry standard.

Close up of a Porche headlight
Ceramic Coating on car body work


Let us go forensic on your ride. Detailing is a service that involves our company standard 8 step method of cleaning that’s followed by paint correction which is an integral part of the service. Paint correction gets rid of all swirls marks and deep scratches. Enhancing gloss levels and protecting your vehicles paintwork leaving your car in a better than showroom state. Ceramic coating is the ultimate way to protect your cars paintwork. Ceramic coating as the name suggests creates a barrier between your paintwork and what nature has to throw at it. We have coatings that start from 1,2,5 and 7 years. Perfect for car collectors of all types and individuals who love a clean car.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Alloy wheel refurbishment: Powder Coating, Diamond Cutting, Wheel Straightening and Welding.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment
Paint protection film on cars bumper

Paint Protection Film

Protect your paint work from scratches, Key marks and contamination. We use Hexis Bodyfence PPF which has self healing properties so you never have to worry about scratches or swirl marks.

Caliper Painting

Stand out with our caliper panting and our reflective glow in the dark caliper wraps.

Brake Calliper Painting


Dechroming allows customers to hide chrome trims on the interior or exterior using vinyl wrap. A safer option to painting as you can peel the wrap off whenever you like.


De- badging of logos, emblems and livery.

Debadge car with transformer logo

Star Lights

Add a sparkle to your interior with our Star light headliner lights. various options available. please call us to enquire.

Audio/Media installations

Let us handle it. full installation of stereos, sub-woofers and any other media type.

Car audio installations with sub woofer
Front bumper with Car parking sensors.

Parking sensors

We supple and fit front and rear parking sensors, Please call us for further details.


Security when you need it most. dash cams can be supplied. All installations are hardwired.

Car video camera attached to the windshield to record driving and prevent danger from driving.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient Lighting adds a level of lavishness to any interior and sets the mood. Colour change at your finger tips with full mobile phone support via an app.

Chameleon Tint

A gradient but colourful touch for your windshield.


Headlight Restoration

Restore your old faded headlights with our 4 step restoration, but don’t just stop there seal the deal with our headlight PPF.

Interior Wrapping

Add a touch of elegance and individuality to your vehicles interior. Choose from over a thousand colours, patterns and textures to finish off and add your own signature touch.